How's those goals going then?

Amount of exercise done towards my goal of running 10kms: NIL
New things planted in the garden: NIL
Weeds pulled from garden: NIL
New creations in the kitchen: NIL

Oh the goals are going just fiiiiine.

Mind you, the sun is out and there is some warmth happening and that is almost a little foreign. It's shorts weather all of a sudden, and holy moly a) we have no shorts and b) I really don't have a body that wants to be shown in public right now (did someone say flappy arms?).
All jokes aside, the sunshine is lovely, and I am looking forward to riding my bike to work via childcare, just as soon as life gets back to normal (and my throat stops hurting and my body stops aching-damn flu virus thing just won't go away).

PS. It is 5 weeks until the end of Term 4. Which means long holidays for us!!! Yay Yay oh Yay.


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