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Sick Sick Sick

Sorry there has been no update for a long time. Ryley has been in hospital and despite being home, is struggling to fight the virus that is plaguing his little body. He has been a very very unwell little boy.
David has the same thing and I have never seen him so sick. To the point where the doctors were more worried about David at one point than Ryley.
There have been a few other things that have been added into the mix too, which has meant we have basically had the worst week in our lives. Our family hit crisis point about midway last week. We have never been in that situation before. Ever.
A huge thanks goes out to my family and my best mates who picked up the slack and supported us through it all.
We have also had many many offers of help and it is incredible to think that there are people out there who actually care enough to be there when we needed it the most.
I hope that the next blog post sometime in the future will be more positive.
But right now, healing our family is the …

Things I love today

That Braeden walks around the house and tells me at random times  how much he loves me.That Ryley giggles uncontrollably when he sticks his leg out and trips me over (this is a new game for him)We have cable (Austar) in our bedroom so we can all snuggle up together and watch Play School when it is raining.That the kids have loved making a robot out of old boxes and egg cartons and that we have to make improvements to it everyday after school/childcare. It is one awesome robot (it isn't real yet though-still have more work to do).It is nearly the weekend. Which means catching up with friends and spending time up the bush (allbeit chopping wood, but still, it is fun).I haven't taken any photos lately, so will try and take some this weekend. What things do you love today?

Sunshine please

Some of this would be nice around now.
I would like some warmth to go with it too.

A thought provoking post

Two posts in one day!

The reason is because I just read this great post :We are Sisyphus over at Healing and Empowerment. It really resonates with me because somedays it does feel like all I ever do is roll that boulder up the mountain, only for it to fall to the bottom and I have to start again.
But it will always be a task that I will do. With love in my heart (sometimes with complaints, sometimes with sadness, sometimes with an overwhelming urge to let that boulder crush me).
But always with determination to never give up.
I am but one of the few who is privileged to know the value of life itself. To not have to search for meaning.
I hold that meaning in my arms every single day.
Embrace what you have.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I have been sick (with gastro, yuck-why isn't there an immunisation against that yet?), Braeden has been sick and well. I am just exhausted.
I have nothing interesting to write either.
I will say that the crossroads thing is getting sorted.
I will say that we have had unseasonable (is that the right word?) warm weather here this week which I love. I mostly love the warm weather because it means I am now up to date with my washing (oh get a life!).

I will come up with a better blog post soon.