Horsing around

Today we went out to the Mount William Station which is out near Willaura. The MountWilliam Homestead was built in 1859, and the bluestone woolshed was built in 1842 and is still used today! It is just beautiful out there. The gardens are amazing! I have decided I want to live there. Of course, I might need a bit more money especially since there are 3 full time gardeners employed just for the upkeep of the gardens. I can't begin to think how many more people are employed to run the farm itself!

Keep in the back of your mind the fact that Ryley has always hated horses. I think it was something about the unpredictability of them or something. My sister has ponies and he often gets a chance to ride, but he has always been too scared.
Not today.

For some reason (and part of me puts it down to Braeden), Ryley decided he would go for a ride thankyou.
We did know the girl who was leading him which helped. She got him to pat the horse first, then put his helmet on, then get on. I held him and at first he wanted to get off, but he relaxed really quickly and was laughing his head off!!!

Braeden wanted to ride the big one, but had to be content with the tiny one. He wasn't too sure at first, but loved it and didn't want to get off!!

We have had a lovely weekend relaxing in the sun.
Now to look forward to next weekend and our mini WHS get together!!


  1. awwwwwww *sniff*
    Well done boys! That's so cool! I think Elliott would love a horsey ride too someday.


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