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Just 'cos

I know I am only posting very sporadically these days, so I would forgive you, my dear readers, if you lost interest. Countdown is well and truly on until the conference, and every spare minute is taken up finalising, emailing and organising. I didn't really have spare time before, so I literally have not a second spare right now.
Very excited though as I hear from more families who are coming, and watching as things start to come together.

There is never a dull moment in our lives either. Ryley currently has soft tissue damage to his ankle, or possibly a torn ligament. So he is not wanting to walk. I have been carrying him around and my back is just about stuffed. We are waiting patiently for his new stroller so I can transport him around a bit easier. Until then the old faithful stroller is getting a workout.
Poor kid must be in a decent amount of pain though.
Not fair.

So bear with me. Once the conference is over this blog will get a revamp and I will bring in some changes. …

People watching

I love people watching. Me and Ryley are similar like that. I would happily sit with a coffee and just observe people.
Today I did that.
I had to catch a train down to Melbourne to pick up my parents old car (as we are currently without a second car and kinda need one), and then another train back out of the city.
To be perfectly honest, I found it very peaceful.
I was on my own of course.
Hence the reason for the peacefulness.

But I actually got to just observe people.
And it can be quite funny at times.
I love to just watch their non-verbal behaviour, their body language.
Quite often though, I find myself getting sucked into their sadness.
That is when I have to walk away.
I often have the urge to just butt in and give them the solution.
But I may get my head punched in. And then I am no good to anyone.

Ryley loves people. Always has.
One of his favourite thing to do is just watch people walking past.
I can't wait until I have his new stroller because guess what me and him are…

My overweight child

For those of you on Facebook, you would have seen my status update during the week about my overweight child.
I was CELEBRATING the fact that my Ryley is officially on the calorie knockdown.
My gorgeous WHS child (pictured below) is having his calories cut by 9% because he is a little too tubby.
I am SO PROUD right now!!
Don't forget he is on a high-fat diet (Ketogenic Diet), so he was always going to put on weight. But it is actually music to my ears to not have to worry about him being seen as 'failure to thrive'.

I hate the term 'failure to thrive'. It seems to imply and accuse you of not adequately feeding your child.
Sometimes, just maybe, that child is just meant to be small. Because of his genetic makeup. Not because you aren't feeding him.
And no, I am not bitter at all.
Not much anyway...!

Aside from that, Ryley is busy recovering still. He is still on antibiotics for the umpteenth time. He is exhausted at the end of the day. But genera…
Sometimes there are things in life that you know must be happening for a reason. Yet at the time you just have no idea how there possibly could be a reason.
Sometimes you need to look a little deeper to realise that there is always a lesson to be learned during our toughest times.
Sometimes in order to experience and understand peace and happiness, you need to experience difficulty and hardship.

It's wierd, but I recently found my old diaries that I had kept hidden away for over ten years. What an eye opener to say the least. Somehow I have managed to predict some of my future (sure glad I wrote it all down). But the thing that stood out the most was how utterly sad I was during those years. Desperately sad. Unnoticably sad. How I got through those years I have no idea.

I also discovered something absolutely awesome though.
Becoming pregnant with Ryley was the turning point. It marked a new beginning. It was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. It was the point at…