Yes, the Victorian government cares

Does anyone else have one of these?
I applied for one ages ago and it finally came last week.
This week, I got the directory of places to use the card. It actually looks alright! I am sure that as more businesses come on board the program will expand, but looks like I might have to go through the booklet and see where I can get discounts.

I have to admit though, it kinda embarrasses me to use discount cards or coupons. I sort of feel like I should give the card to someone who really needs it.
Now, I know this is fairly stupid logic, particularly when I was only complaining not so long ago about the lack of funding and money available to assist Carers and their loved ones.
But I dunno.
Maybe I should use it somewhere and see if it truly is accepted. Because I hate it when you go to use something like a discount card (hello RACV Silver discount card) and the person looks at you like they don't know what you are talking about (and then they have to check with their manager who also doesn't know what the hell you are showing them).

My project then for this month will be to use this card somewhere.
I will report back.


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