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Just wanted to write a quick note to say thankyou to those of you that still check in on this blog from time to time, even though I am not writing at the moment. We have been through a really tough couple of months and I just haven't felt like being online much. As a result of the stress, my anxiety has been up and down again, which has meant my health has also been pretty poor too. I think at the moment, I am just in survival mode. The kids are good though, Ryley is well and happy and ever-changing. And Braeden is happy and very much looking forward to school! I am not sure when I will get back into writing again.

RIP Charley dog

My eyes blur with tears as I stare outside. Part of me is silently urging her to find the light, the other is dreading the thought of her leaving. I watch as slowly her eyes close. Her breathing becomes laboured, it slows, her legs twitch every now and then. I go out and reassure her. I tell her that it is time. I love you.  I whisper. In the background I can see the lemon tree. Tall and wide and filled with lemons. There is some new growth, but mostly there are few leaves. Charley is a bit like that. She has lost so much weight, she looks sparse. She has fought to stay here with me. But it is time, I tell her. Find the rainbow. And, one day, I will find you again-you know I will. It is hard to say goodbye to someone who has been a part of your life for so long. Nearly 13 years. Longer than David. Longer than my kids. She was the one who protected me. She listened to my rambling crying on the days I was at my lowest. She was always happy to see me. They say

The holiday wrap up

The holidays actually went extremely quickly. Week one I had to work for most of it, so Ryley's time was divided between holiday program, hanging out with Marion and hanging out with Dad. On Friday we headed over to Angaston (Barossa Valley) for Rachael's 18th birthday. We are so lucky to have been able to share such a wonderful birthday milestone. Ryley and Rachael have an incredible friendship which is just amazing to watch. Rachael understands Ryley in a way no one else can. Whenever Ryley is around Rachael, he just becomes this happy, contented and confident kid. It is hard to explain the connection those two have. You really have to see it for yourself. The second week involved more holiday program, mucking around with cousins and hanging out at the farm. So all in all, a busy fun time. I can't believe we are now in term 4 and christmas holidays are just around the corner. And, not long until I have 2 kids at school! Braeden starts his school transition

Where oh where am I?

Source: via Haryani on Pinterest Where are some blog posts Anna? It's been a while you know. I am currently in the middle of holidays, mostly working, juggling stuff with a quick drive to the Barossa for a very special girl's 18th birthday party. I will get to writing again soon.