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Finally, one of these

This week, I finally went and got one of these. Which means I can park in a 'disabled' specific car park when I have Ryley in the car with me. I can't tell you how many people shook their heads in disbelief when I told them I got one. Not because they thought I didn't deserve one. But for the fact it has taken me so long to get it. For some stupid reason, having this is like telling the whole world that someone in our household has a disability. Which is true, obviously. But I don't see Ryley as being 'disabled'. He is just Ryley. I know that the parking permit is only another aid designed to offer more support. And I should be grateful that it is there. I think the reason I have taken so long to get one is because I just feel like now we are advertising the fact that disability is so significant in our lives that we need special parking spots. Stupid, I know. Funny isn't it. No matter how far along the journey we are, there are still

In Real Life

I have been a bit quiet here on my blog lately and there are a couple of reasons. 1. I am constantly tired lately. I suffered two migraines last week, one severe enough to warrant a visit to the hospital (Blergh). I need a break. I need sleep. Only two more weeks until school holidays, which I am both dreading and looking forward to. I can't wait for the time off. I can't wait to catch up with my people (you should all know who you are). I am only really dreading the thought of having to keep Ryley entertained everyday. But the sleep ins and no rushing part, is something I am looking forward to. 2. I am busy working on the Rybrae Farm concept at the moment and planning is the key right now. It all might still be years away, but the project must keep evolving. So what little space left in my brain is being consumed by plans and dreams. So, as usual, when life becomes crazy busy, my blogging is the first thing to go. Winter is a particularly hard time for us too because we

3 little pigs

 This weekend we welcomed our three little pigs to Rybrae Farm. Sticks, Brick and Straw (ever-so-aptly named by Braeden) love their new home and have already started digging up the soil. The kids LOVED sitting down and watching them eat and grunt and squeal. They are fascinating creatures and I adore their ears.