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How good does my house look?

Ok Ok.
You're right.
There is no way that is my house.
I wish it was though.
Those lights look lovely.
Though I wouldn't like the electricity bill to go with it.

Christmas in our house is an exciting time. I absolutely love building it up for my kids. I love that they believe in the magic of Christmas. It is a special time for them.
We usually start mid way through November.
I put up a few lights, find a few Christmassy things to dot around the house.
This year, we have been drawing Christmas trees and Santa's, and colouring in reindeer pictures.

Braeden has been walking around the house telling me everytime he does something 'good', because Santa is watching him. He has even been telling Ryley not to be naughty or Santa won't come.
I just love watching their eyes light up when they see the Christmas lights. Or when we talk about what we will put out for Santa and his reindeers to eat.
It makes my heart smile.

We have been making Gi…


I really really need to start blogging again.
My stat counter shows 9 people visited yesterday.
Oh dear.
That is probably the lowest amount ever.

I have lots to share.
Some new achievements from Ryley (despite him still being sick and barely spending anytime at school).
Braeden is busy drawing beautiful pictures and completing puzzles.

David finally has a boat.
And me? Well. Nothing from me.
Stay tuned.
Am gonna get writing again...!

I know I have been missing from the blog in the lead up to the conference.
And I will attempt to rectify that over the coming months.
I have so much in my head that needs to be written down!

Our family is tired at the moment.
Worn down from the year that has been.
Ryley has a subluxation of his toe at the moment which we can't do anything for.
For the first time in his life this morning,  he lay down on the couch after his PEG feed and pulled a blanket up around his chin. If he had the words, I am pretty sure he would be saying "I am not going to school today Mum".
Poor kid.
I kept him home of course.
His cough is still bad and he just seems so...tired.

Braeden has finally started eating again.
He pretty much hadn't eaten properly for 2 weeks. Partly due to gastro, and partly due to being out of routine.
He has been so tired that he has been clinging to me and crying out "MAMA!" day and night in such a distressed voice.


Time to take care of ou…

AWHSSG conference 2011

I feel like I have been writing this post in my head forever.
Although it has only been a week since the conference!
All the organisation, the planning, the anxiety...and just like a wedding, it was all over in the blink of an eye.

I truly have no idea where to start in terms of writing this blog post.
Do I start by telling you about the extraordinary families who made their way to our town?
Do I start by explaining how Dr John Carey and his wife Leslie will always hold a special place in my heart?
Should I just fill this post with photos?
Perhaps I could write about the generosity of the volunteers, the people that helped me make this all happen?

I think I might just start by saying that I can't believe that it is all over! For two years this conference has taken up a very large space in our lives. The planning and the fundraising and the making it all come together. As someone who has some anxiety issues (that would be me by the way), I still sometimes can't believe I manag…

The Conference Post...coming soon

I promise I will write about the conference sometime over the weekend!
I am still very much recovering from the last two weeks of stress, anxiety and sickness.
Ryley and I are finally back at school and work today and fingers crossed we stay well now.
But more on all of that later!!

I dreamed a dream...

I cannot possibly even start to reveal what that dream is right now, but stay tuned.
If we can make it a reality, then part of this blog will be dedicated to sharing our experiences.
My heart is absolutely filled with excitement at the possibility that it might work, and somehow, I just know it will.

Aside from that.
Less than two weeks until the conference!!!
I cannot believe it is nearly here!
Everything is organised and we are ready to go.
I can't wait to catch up with all our WHS family, and to welcome all the new families!!

What else has been happening here?
Not much.
My boys have grown taller.
Slugs have been eating my snow peas.

Blogging will feature in my life again very soon!