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The Great Outdoors

The fact is, my kids are outdoors kids. Being cooped up inside when it is too hot equals a day of complaining, 'that noise', and awful behaviour. Actually, chilling out is not really in Ryley's vocabulary, unless he is really tired, or sick, or a bit overwhelmed. So, I decided to do something about it, and do some things that I normally wouldn't do without David with me. We went camping. Yes, you read right. Camping. As in, the great outdoors, a tent, sleeping bags and PEG feeds. And we had an awesome time!!! It did help that we were camping in our best mates tent with her and her girls. It did help that we were at the beach and there was plenty of stuff to do. Despite the fact that Ryley didn't really sleep, and PEG feeding in the outdoors is not entirely straightforward, we managed it all quite well. So. We headed off again this week! We went over to South Australia (Penola region) to stay at a friends house. It was great, but the kids didn'

Dear Braeden

Dearest Braeden, Here we are at your 5th birthday already! Some days I just look at you and wonder where all that time has gone. From the moment I cradled you in my arms I knew you were going to be bring a light to our lives that we could never have dreamed possible. Every day you wake with a smile and an incredible lust for life. I have watched as you have grown into this amazing young man, who is so compassionate and understanding, it puts most adults to shame. You have an insight into life that many people spend a lifetime searching for. Braeden, you have such a sense of humour! I love that about you. I will never get sick of you asking me questions, even if I can't answer some of them (for example, I can't tell you who decided that red means stop, but I will see if I can find out!). I love that you love to come for a run with me, and that you love bike riding and horses. These are some of my favourite things too, and I know we can share these activities for years t

Believe-a Creed of sorts

Source: Uploaded by user via Em on Pinterest I believe in God, who is seen, and unseen. I believe in Angels, who both walk the earth, and walk alongside us. I believe our physical body is merely a vessel that houses our spirit, which is why it doesn't matter what you look like, or whether you are more or less able-bodied than the next person. I believe in love, for pure love is all we really need (and if we look closely, we are all loved by someone). I believe in peace. I believe that our path is already laid out before us, that we are all on a journey. I believe that we make choices everyday, and that these choices are part of the journey. I believe in suffering and the hard times, because despite it not feeling like it, we often become stronger, or learn an important lesson. I believe in being strong, but that we all need someone to lean on for support. I believe that people come into our lives for a reason. I believe in nature, for it is the comfort our soul

And here we go again

Welcome to 2013 my friends. Blog decision: Keep writing. It took me a while to come to this decision to be honest. At one stage I felt as though I had nothing interesting to write about anymore. But this year is different. Last year was about recovery for us (which a rare few will understand fully what I mean by that), but this year is about healing, heart, love and spirit. What do I mean? Have I become a weird mystical hippy? No. But I feel very strongly about my direction this year. It will start to filter through in my writing. Source: via Anna on Pinterest I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/New Year season. Ours was filled with the smiles and laughter of our boys as they unwrapped their presents and the joy as they played with the things they had received! There is a wonderful tradition in our part of town where the local CFA (Country Fire Authority) drive around the streets with Santa in the firetruck throwing out lollies to the kids! Not on