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The dark.

I can't breathe. The grief is filling my body, and I let fear in. No words can give me comfort, for I am too far gone The tears they fall, my heart is heavy. This pain is taking hold of me. I am struggling to fill myself with love and light. Instead I am angry, hurt and afraid. I am nothing but a lost soul drifting along Waiting for the brightness to appear. All sense of knowing disappears Until I find Love again.

That's all folks!

After much thought, and with a heavy heart, I have decided to close this blog to the world wide web. The recent passing of my brother has rocked me to the core. He was the one who helped me set up my originial blog (some long time readers would remember I blogged there before blogging was even a 'thing'). Jacob was so far ahead of things in the online world and he was the one who encouraged me to keep writing (even when I didn't feel like it). He is not here to read, comment, and encourage anymore. So, for now, it is goodbye to Blog About a Bloke. I have made so many wonderful friends through blogging, and have received so many emails from families all around the world who have a child with either a disability or Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome. These friends are the ones who have continued to be there, even though I am not blogging much anymore. I have not yet fully decided what I am going to do with the blog. I may continue to write in private, I may ju