And so we finish

Last post of November!
Phew! I made it through!!
<-------And I even managed to make my house look like this.
OK. That's not true.
Though it does look very festive doesn't it??!
We put lights up every year usually. Except last year we caught some little kids trying to pinch them and pull them down, so it has very much put us off having any up this year. We will put them inside instead I think!

So, tomorrow is the first day of summer and the current temperature is a balmy 20 degrees celcius. Heat wave I tell ya. At least the rain has stopped for a brief interlude, so that part is good.

December is one of the busiest times of year for us. We have end of year school concert, christmas parties for work and daycare. Christmas parties with friends. We generally catch up with a few of our good friends before christmas and the kids love it. No matter how busy we all get, we still manage it.

Hopefully I am going to start my christmas shopping on the weekend. Start and finish it would be even better, but I doubt I could be that lucky. Our christmas tree will go up sometime in the next few days and I am going to crank the Lee Kernaghan Bush Christmas Carols up loud. And, I am going to make my first batch of christmas shortbread.

I love the build up to Christmas. And so do the kids. Braeden is already trying to sing Jingle Bells. When I say trying, he basically makes his own tune to the words "Jingle Bell"!! Ryley is busy carrying around the jingling Santa and dancing away.

Oh yeah, it is less than 3 weeks now until I am on holidays (not that I am counting or anything!).


  1. YAY you made it through a whole month of posting everyday..And I have LOVED reading it everyday too mate.I so can't wait for our Christmas catch up.Talk to you soon.
    Jules xoxoxoxo

  2. Hurray for completeign this NaBloPoMo.

    Shortbread...yum. I have to get cooking too.

  3. Uh oh, hope that poor jingling santa has no batteries in it, otherwise you and Dave will go stir crazy by the end of the year : )

  4. I can't believe you made it though the whole month. That's commitment for you (or stubbornness LOL). I've really enjoyed reading. xx

  5. Well done Anna - thanks for a month of great reading. XX

  6. Jules-Can't wait for our christmas catch up either. We miss you guys xox
    E.-Well done to you too!!!
    Mel-That jingling santa is STILL bloody going!! We keep trying to hide it, but Braeden keeps finding it!
    Alison- Thanks!!!
    Kylee- Stubborness mostly-you know me too well!!!
    Jen- Thanks and good to see you blogging again too. See ya Monday xx


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