It's all uphill from here right?

Today has been one of those days where you just have to shake your head and count the minutes until it is bed time.
It began with swimming.
Now to be honest, I am dreading having to go next week.
Braeden was ok for the first bit of the lesson, and then all of a sudden he decided he wasn't going to do anything.
The teacher looked at me as though I was causing him to be scared.
Um. No. He is just strongwilled and if he isn't sure about something, well, he digs the heels in and refuses to do it.
I will not force him.
I have to say though, I could feel the stress building up inside me as I wondered why on earth I am forking out the dollars to have him cling to my neck.
I will perservere, because outside of the lesson he is enjoying himself. In fact, he practices in the bath every night now. Tonight, he was even getting Ryley to complete the activities. Which was pretty funny to watch. Ryley just let him, with a bemused smirk on his face.
At the end of the day, I think Braeden just needs to know what to expect next and right now he still isn't quite sure. It's a good lesson to learn really, because if Braeden is like that and he is 'neurotypical', imagine how hard it must be for someone like Ryley who can't ask questions.
Routine is so important for kids.
I always make sure Ryley knows what is happening. He gets very upset when he doesn't know what is happening or what people are expecting him to do (rightly so too).

Which is why tonight, when he heard me and David talking about how his beloved Poppa was in hospital he got incredibly upset and was sobbing his little heart out.
Ryley is extremely close to his Poppa and today, his Poppa had a heart attack. He is ok, but in hospital and it has been a worrying day.
In fact, right now, Ryley won't go to sleep because he knows Nanna is coming to stay and I know he wants to see Poppa. I will have trouble getting him to school in the morning, though I will do my best to reassure him.

Tomorrow is a new day.
Really hoping my father in law is ok.


  1. So sorry to hear you had such a crappy day yesterday at the pool Anna :-(((( By the sounds of it Braeden is picking up on what is being said - even while clinging to your neck! Maybe part of it is the deep pool - he seems quite happy while his feet are on the ground. Have a chat to Lorraine, she might be able to give some advice on how to get him involved while holding on to you and build his confidence.

    I really hope your father in law is ok, sounds like you've all had a stressful day.

    On another note I'm really enjoying the daily posts and knowing there will be something here to read each day. You're doing great.

    Thinking about you guys. XXXX

  2. Thanks Alison xox

    Jen- Yeah you are right about the deep pool. He is definitely fine when we are in the shallow bit, but then things go downhill when we move to the other bit. Maybe I should practice in there with him a bit?
    Dunno. Talk to ya next week xoxo

  3. Im sorry to hear about your father in law. I hope he is ok... Big hugs to Ryley. Fingers crossed Braeden is in the pool rather than on your neck in no time x P.s great to catch up with you, David and the kids the other day


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