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On the hard days, I wake at 5am. For a few moments, or, what feels like hours, there is a rush of anxious adrenalin racing through my body. It's as though I am running a marathon. I don't fight it. I lay there, allowing it to make its way through my body then find its way out again. It is a tiring way to start the day. Thankfully, these days happen infrequently and I can easily identify that I am stressed and that I need to take a break and clear my mind. Usually, I just remind myself not to catastrophize anything and get on with it. But ugh. It can be so annoying. Lately, I have been getting these flashes of inspiration in my mind. Almost like a gentle whisper in my ear. Encouraging me to write. Write a book. Go on. You can do it. So as a way to start, I am writing in my long forgotten and (currently) unpublished blog. There is an awful lot I need to write about. This journey of mine hasn't finished yet. I have been terribly emotionaly lately. Small things have h