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It's been a while.

It most definitely has been a while. But as usual I am being slowly and gently guided into writing again. I will most likely not publish or open the blog just yet. In fact. I will probably not even continue here. I have started a new blog elsewhere. But I am not even sure if that is for me.
All I can hope is that the gentle guidance grows stronger. Because I miss writing. I miss expressing myself creatively in that form. I don't care who reads it. But I do feel as though there is space for my voice to be heard again.
And so.
It shall be.

On the hard days, I wake at 5am. For a few moments, or, what feels like hours, there is a rush of anxious adrenalin racing through my body. It's as though I am running a marathon. I don't fight it. I lay there, allowing it to make its way through my body then find its way out again.
It is a tiring way to start the day.
Thankfully, these days happen infrequently and I can easily identify that I am stressed and that I need to take a break and clear my mind.
Usually, I just remind myself not to catastrophize anything and get on with it.
But ugh. It can be so annoying.

Lately, I have been getting these flashes of inspiration in my mind. Almost like a gentle whisper in my ear. Encouraging me to write. Write a book. Go on. You can do it.
So as a way to start, I am writing in my long forgotten and (currently) unpublished blog.
There is an awful lot I need to write about. This journey of mine hasn't finished yet.

I have been terribly emotionaly lately. Small things have hurt my he…


Where is the handbook that discusses how to help your nearly teenage son deal with his changing body?
Yeah Yeah.
I can hear people yelling out the names of them to me.
Well, thanks, they will be useful in another 4 or so years when my typically developing child is going through puberty.
Right now though, I am faced with kind of a big challenge.
You see, my son is nearly 13 and starting to change.
Probably a little bit later than what the typical kids do these days. But still within the 'normal' range.
I have noticed physical changes (bit confronting the first few times), but I have also noticed the HUGE changes in his emotions.
Gone is my gentle, sweet charming little boy.
Replacing him is a young man who is confused, angry and sad.

I guess seeing as you are reading this blog, you probably realise that the son I am talking about is my one who has a disability.
If you are new here, he has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, or as it is sometimes known, 4p- Syndrome.
This means he has all …