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The spammers are back

Don't you just love it when you get an email telling you that 'anonymous' has made a comment on your blog?
Welcome back.

I guess it has prompted me to actually visit here and write something.
I am still deciding where this blog is going.
My vision for it changed dramatically when my brother passed away.
Without him encouraging me to keep going, it all started to seem pointless.

I now also work in a job that requires me to be more private. I need to protect my little family from the public eye a little.
So, the inner debate continues.
I continue to be here, without really being here.

Aside from all of that, I now have two boys aged 12 and 6. The older one is mostly a ball of anger and frustration and finally, other people are starting to witness the challenges we are currently facing. Life is not easy right now. But I personally believe that with every challenge comes opportunity, so I guess we are staring something in the eyes. Just not sure what.

I am training f…