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Extreme Parenting Video Project

I really should have shown you all this earlier! What a wonderful project, all put together by Elizabeth over at:  a moon, worn as if it had been a shell I wish all new parents could see that there is hope, you just need faith and love.

You know things are going ok when...

I start cooking from scratch again I cook all the time I eat the things that I cook (well, I share them anyway!) I get out in my garden I remove all the weeds I can see I start to plant my belated Aug/Sep crops I clean my house  I start thinking about Christmas and the food I will make this year OMG, Christmas...what the? I start planning my running days again The kids are happy. The husband is happy (well...relatively...considering his recent dental ordeal) This is the last week of term 3. Which means school holidays are looming. We are very much looking forward to a few days over in the Barossa.  We are looking forward to some warm weather hopefully. We are looking forward to catching up with our mates. PS. I am adding a couple of photos from our recent night out at the 4P Aussie Kidz  major fundraiser. Another awesome night helping to raise funds for our favourite charity. There is something so special about hanging out with our 'other' family.

Words in my mind, that I cannot write

Do yourself a favour and read this: Research It speaks volumes to me. Thanks to Elizabeth over at  a moon, worn as if it had been a shell  for sharing.

The angels among us

Do you believe in Angels? I do. Not just the ones from above. But the ones who walk among us. The friends who check in to make sure you are ok. That one person who takes your children to the park after school (who our kids adore). The family members who are always there. Knowing someone cares can make a big difference. RUOK DAY  is coming up again on September 13th. This day is about asking each other R U OK? So many people hide their anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. It is ok to go through ups and downs in life. People recover better if they are surrounded by people that care.