So, Braeden started weekly swimming lessons at our local YMCA a few weeks ago.
He took to it like a duck in water. He was confidently 'dig, dig, digging', 'kick, kick, kicking' and blowing bubbles like a blowfish (if they were to blow bubbles).
The second week was much the same.
In fact, David even went so far as to declare that there was no way he was going to get up at 4am to take Braeden to swimming  (given that he is the next Ian Thorpe).

And then, there came week 3.
Braeden became Mr Clingwrap. He refused to do anything and announced he was scared of the mat.
No matter how much I coaxed him, held him, whispered things like "Mumma's got you", he refused to do anything.

Week 4 and his friend Ellie was back from her holiday. I thought this may have helped. It did briefly until Braeden remembered he was actually expected to do stuff, like, in the water.

This week was week 5. Much the same thing happened until the lesson had finished. My friend Jen and I let the kids play around together while we chat (and relax in the water), but this week, I had an idea.
See, I kind of figured out where it all went wrong. Back in week 3, I had been told to put Braeden under the water. Which I did, but I think Braeden kind of panicked.
So guess what good old Mum did today?
Yeah, that's right, I dunked him under water.
The first time he cried and cried and got so mad with me.
Then I went under a few times.
Then I dunked him again.
Round of applause from Jen and me.
Slight smile.
I went under a few more times and then we decided to just play around.
Suddenly, there was Braeden going under the water himself!!!
(You can imagine the praise and clapping that went on!!)

For the rest of the hour or so we spent in the water, he kept going under, blowing bubbles, opening his eyes underwater, and loving it!!!

(Phew just quietly, because boy the whole dunking thing could have backfired).

So fingers crossed, next week, he will be a bit more confident again.
And then David can start worrying about all those early morning training sessions again.
Ellie and Braeden ready to jump in


  1. I think it takes a brilliant mother to help their child face their fears, instead of reinforcing their anxieties. You knew exactly what he needed - and it worked - and how proud was he!!
    See you next week.

  2. Thanks Jen! He was proud wasn't he? He hasn't once mentioned he is scared of the mat, so that is a good sign I reckon! See ya Monday!


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