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Where is the handbook that discusses how to help your nearly teenage son deal with his changing body?
Yeah Yeah.
I can hear people yelling out the names of them to me.
Well, thanks, they will be useful in another 4 or so years when my typically developing child is going through puberty.
Right now though, I am faced with kind of a big challenge.
You see, my son is nearly 13 and starting to change.
Probably a little bit later than what the typical kids do these days. But still within the 'normal' range.
I have noticed physical changes (bit confronting the first few times), but I have also noticed the HUGE changes in his emotions.
Gone is my gentle, sweet charming little boy.
Replacing him is a young man who is confused, angry and sad.

I guess seeing as you are reading this blog, you probably realise that the son I am talking about is my one who has a disability.
If you are new here, he has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, or as it is sometimes known, 4p- Syndrome.
This means he has all …