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Give that they may Grow

As you know, I write a post every year, urging people to give what they can to a cause close to my heart. We thankfully don't spend as much time down at the RCH as we used to, but we are forever grateful to the wonderful staff who take care of the kids everyday. Even $1 can make all the difference! For me, Good Friday is usually spent eating hot cross buns, fish and chips for lunch and a day of watching the appeal on TV. This year we will be at the farm, so no TV. But the rest of the tradition will remain. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break. Stay safe.

Just a little quotey thing

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That awkward moment when...

Your child runs away from you after school and hides. Come on. Nod your head like it has happened to you. Sigh. Braeden and one of his friends decided to run off from myself and the other mum tonight. Actually, from Braeden's account, it was his idea to run off because he wasn't ready to go home. After what had become a slightly frantic search, the boys appeared from over near the church. My heart started beating again after that. He is showing me how strong he is here. Not about to throw it at me...

Doin' our bit for Clean Up Australia

Today we decided to do our bit for Clean Up Australia and head up to Lake Esmond. The kids had a great time and we managed to collect quite a bit of rubbish! It is a shame that we even have to dedicate a day to cleaning up our environment. It shouldn't be left with rubbish everywhere in the first place!