Carpet. That is all.

Carpet being laid as we speak.
Which means that we are very very close to finishing the renovations.
(Well ok, bathroom still not really started and missing plaster, but ssshhh).

I can't tell you how excited I am. It has taken us over 2 years to get to this point because we have had to do the work when the kids are in bed, or somehow on the weekends with the kids under our feet.
David has done the majority of the work, and you can see his craftmanship in the new desk he has built me, or the tiling he has done, or the plastering, or the deck that he built.

Now I am actually going to have to clean my house and find homes for things instead of dumping it on the concrete slab in the back room. But I can live with that!!

And, for those following the Braeden swimming saga, he did really well again today. His teacher was full of compliments for him and she really encouraged and helped him today. He didn't want to do all the activities and there was still some neck clinging, but I am really proud of him!
We did hang around until 12pm because he was so busy practising his new skills.

Only 8 more days of the month of posting to go. Will be glad in some ways not to have to post everyday. I kind of feel like I am boring as anything.
'til tomorrow...


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