I am currently trying to night wean Braeden.
And it isn't going too well.
For those of you new to the blog, I am still breastfeeding Braeden. He tends to feed through the night still, sometimes up to 4 times. He also feeds in the morning before breakfast and sometimes during the day.

Most people don't understand why I am still BFing. I think I only have 1 other friend who has BF their child past 2 years old. Breastfeeding at this age isn't necessarily about nutrition, although it is still full of wonderful nutrients. It is more about comfort, security and emotional attachment. This is why it is so hard to wean Braeden. When he wakes in the night, for whatever reason, he wants his Mum, and he wants his Meerkat and he wants his "More". In that order. Imagine his distress when I don't give him his "More" which he has had for nearly 3 years? I have to slowly introduce a drink of water instead of "More" and this will take time. And let's be honest, a drink of water in a plastic cup is not exactly inviting after having the warmth and comfort of your mother holding you and having warm milk on...er...tap.

So I expect it to be a long process. Which is ok. He is already starting to show his distress in his behaviour. The last two mornings he has been hysterical when I have left him at childcare and clinging for dear life to my neck.
Not a good way to start your day (I was in tears as I left this morning).
I know that this behaviour is linked to the very big changes I am starting to make in his life in regards to weaning.
Poor kid.
But I have made the decision to start night weaning him at the very least, and I need to stick to it. I am not going to stop BFing him completely just yet, but have to start somewhere.

On another note, please check out Amariah's Blog  she is a beautiful little girl with WHS and she is 11 years old!


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