Ho Hum Day 5

It is day 5 of my attempt to write in this blog every day.
Anyone bored yet?
Or anyone still reading?

I often think about why I write this blog and whether or not I care if people read or not. Mostly I write this blog for me. One day I want to be able to look back and read it, or at the very least, read it to Ryley and Braeden. Pretty cool thing to be able to give your kids I reckon, an insight into how I felt about them as they grew up (just in case they ever forget). Plus it is a pretty good record of their childhood.

Sometimes I wonder who is reading this blog.
Do people read it?
Do I bite the bullet and make it private?
I am going to make a decision about that at the end of November. My plan for this month is to see if I gain any more followers, see if people are interested in the things I write and to decide whether I want to become more serious about this blog and publicise it more, or make it private.

I am really looking forward to having to write something every day actually. I think this blog might go through some changes.


  1. I too some time wonder who reads 'my blog' But most of the time I right just for me, I find it theraputic, relaxing. I love reading your blog Anna, I love hearing about what the boys are up to, seeing photos of them, and reading your thoughts on some debatable topics... xx

  2. You gotta keep writing! If not for you, for me man! I miss you when you don't blog, so i am loving this every day blogging biz!

    Lookin forward to seein you and da boyz on Sunday!

  3. I'm reading!! And please don't make it private, unless you had a particular reason to do it. :-) I enjoy reading about your boys, and definitely find what you post interesting! Keep it going, Anna!

  4. You know you have a faithful reader RIGHT HERE!!! Love ya!

  5. I really enjoy reading it.I get to see what you guys have been up to.We are both very busy these days and dont get a chance to catch up often so it's my way to to see how you all are going.

    Jules xxx

  6. Hi Anna, I read you blog all the time, I admire you for making time, because life is sooo busy! Yours was one of the first blogs I read when Eve was diagnosed, your 100th post actually, I got alot out of it so thank you! Keep on bloggin! Breanna..

  7. I most definitely didn't expect all these comments. So thankyou so much.

  8. I'm reading!! I also turned your blog when we first got the diagnosis. It was so reassuring to read. I continued to read your blog as well as others before I started my own and got in contact with you. Please don't make it private! You have no idea what a wonderful impact you might be having right now on someone who just got the WHS diagnosis! Thank you for blogging!


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