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Free: One pair of glasses

See these glasses here?
They are Ryley's.
We might as well give them away, because he is determined not to wear them.

I recently read something about What-you-need-to-know-about-caregiver-stress and how it is never ending and completely different from 'normal' stress.
I can relate to that.
Great that there is an end in sight hey?
Or not.

Strategies to encourage the wearing of glasses:

Superglue them to his headTie them to his head Ok. I am out of ideas now.
If nothing else, he is stubborn as hell.  And that is a trait I admire.

One man's trash...

This is one of the views on my early morning run at the Farm
After two weeks, I finally have my computer back.  It is all working fine and nothing too major wrong with it.  I must admit, the first week without it, I couldn't care less.  But by the end of the second week, I was starting to get a bit frustrated. I actually rely on having access to a computer to do my online banking, and I now have a pile of overdue bills to pay. Anyway.  Am looking forward to catching up on my fave blogs, and being in touch with the world again.
This weekend, same as every weekend, we went out to the farm (where we are only farming snakes and fish at the moment). Those who know me well, know that one of my favourite things to do is to 'treasure hunt'.  Which basically means, that I love nothing more than trawling through op shops and garage sales and markets, hunting for the perfect piece of treasure. You can imagine my excitement when we decided to go through the old shack that is on the f…

Leave of absence

My home computer has died so I am pretty much completely absent at the moment from the world wide web.
It is kind of nice, but at the same time bloody annoying when I want I blog.

I haven't had the time to even take my computer somewhere to be fixed, so who knows when I will next have a computer.

Time is not my friend.

So I will blog when I can during my lunch break if I can.
Well, that is if I happen to be able to take a lunch break.

Be back soon hopefully.

When once I was blind, now I see...

Have you ever closed your eyes and tried to navigate your way around your house?
What about closing one eye and then squinting with the other and trying to complete a task with your non-dominant hand?

We found out just over a week ago that Ryley has virtually no eyesight.
We knew he was blind in his right eye, but have always assumed that the sight in his left eye was ok. We knew it wasn't wonderful, but we still thought it was pretty good.

How can you miss the fact that your son can't see?
How can you not notice the difficulties he is having with walking are more to do with the fact he can't see where he is going?
How can you not notice that when he cries, it is because he can't see you, and is frightened?

Well, somehow, I missed the fact that he is basically blind.
Another fine example of my parenting skills.


So Ryley now has glasses which he is starting to realise he needs to keep on.
He is amazed at how different life looks and this is a wonderful thin…

Why I shut my blog

My blog is back open, but I closed it mainly because of some privacy issues.
I am working back through them again, but I may need to shut the blog here and there again.

So don't panic.
I will resume normal blogging soon enough.

Although I must admit, I suck at the photo a day challenge.
And to be honest, I am ditching it.
I will try and still take a photo a day, but I will not be following the prescription that I started.

Life has been pretty challenging for us of late and I will post about that later.

Right now, I need a break! Which won't be coming anytime soon, but you will all be pleased to know I am doing the research and trying to find some regular form of respite.
It is surely a sign when people start asking you if you ever get a break, and whether I have ever considered respite.

Back with more later.

Day 4: Someone who makes you happy

As much as I would love to be predictable and have a picture of my husband or my kids here, you all pretty much know that they make me happy.

So I decided to put a picture up of my old dog Charley. She is 12 years old and finally starting to show her age. But she is forever faithful and loves to go for walks around the farm with me. She often walks so close to me she is nearly tripping me over, which she has always done.
The other day she decided she could catch a wallaby.
It didn't quite go the way she thought it might (she fell in a hole, then lost her way back to me).
She is a faithful companion though and has listened to all my troubles.
She is ferocious and fierce.
She loves kids and is patient with all of them.

I won't be posting over the next few days as I will be out at the farm minus electricity.
Hope you all have a wonderful easter.
Please remember to give generously to the Good Friday Appeal (which you know is close to my heart)

Day 3: Mail

This is all we got in the mailbox today.
Dominos Pizza, you owe me money for advertising on my site...!! Ha!
In all seriousness, we have never had their pizza.
I hear it is good though.

Clearly Braeden is thrilled by it.

Day 2: Colour

So I cheated and here is a photo I took yesterday at the farm of my grapefruit tree. I love the colour of the fruits and can't wait to see what they change to.

Overall a mostly shitty day at the RCH today.
Only made ok by the fact that Liv and Elliott were there.

I will post about it sometime soon.
Not really feeling like it at the moment.

Starting April Photo a Day: Your Reflection

How creepy does it look? I took this up at the farm in one of the windows.

We have had a massive weekend out at the farm. So much work done. You can check out Rybrae Farm on FB for more details.

Holidays are up and running in this household too, which means a trip to the RCH straight up.
Oh the joy.