Christmas is in the air

Am I allowed to get excited about Christmas yet? Please Please Please.

Ok, I don't really permission do I? There is something in the air this year that is making me really excited for Christmas.
Maybe it's the promise of many weeks off work.
Maybe it's the promise of summer.
Or maybe, just maybe, I am working hard to build the christmas magic for my kids.

Although Ryley is nearly 9 and at an age where the the validity of Santa Claus is questioned, he is really only just understanding the whole concept (or at least able to show us his excitement). And Braeden really understands this year and has that look of wonder in his eyes whenever he sees a christmas decoration.

So, I am staring early and have a few little christmas things scattered around the house.
I can't help it.

Christmas is a time for celebration. Not only because it is when Jesus was born, but because it is the time that you get to share with family.
My mother in law gave me the biggest compliment last week (probably without knowing how much it really meant to me). She remarked "you are such a close family", meaning me, David and the boys. I think it was because I was giving Ryley his PEG feed and Braeden was sitting on my knee to watch tv, so we were, well, kinda close, but, I love that someone thinks we are a close family. Because I would hope for nothing less.

I know I am not the only one who loves the magic of christmas. Anyone else going to confess??!!


  1. Me! I love Christmas. The kids are dying to put the tree up - usually we wait until the 1st of December, but I don't know if we'll be able to wait that long this year!!

  2. Yay! We usually put ours up 1st Dec too. I reckon I am going to sneak a few lights up too...!

  3. Me too, can't wait for Dec 1 to put the tree up.
    I get a little obsessed about buying tree decorations and let the kids pick a new one each every year .... and every Christmas eve HAVE to watch the carols and we have dip and bickies etc then it's time for bed for the kids.

  4. Jen-That sounds like such a good idea with the picking of the new tree decorations. We always watch the carols too!!


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