I know, I know.
I am posting early for once.
I am thinking I will probably want to go to bed early tonight because I am pretty much exhausted, physically and emotionally.
We have had a tough week last week, and it hasn't gotten much better this week.
David's Dad is yet to have his surgery, so he is still in hospital. My nephew has had his surgery and out of his induced coma, so hopefully on the road to recovery now.
I just feel...tired.

I am planning to go for a run tonight though, even if it is just a little one. I really need to clear my head.. Running does that.

Good news is that we are getting carpet done on Monday next week, which means that our new loungeroom and spare room will be ready for furniture!! WOOHOO!!!!
I so can't wait.


  1. Good to hear the news about your nephew and the cargpet. I hope David's Dad gets his operation soon.

    Enjoy your run.

  2. Such a relief about your nephew, Anna. Sorry I missed reading that on the day. You won't know yourself with two newly carpeted rooms, I'll bet :) Hope you got that run in.


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