Blogging 101-how do I do this again?

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Sometimes I wander back into this blog and check out a few of my past posts. I read some of the wonderful blogs I used to follow regularly and contemplate writing here again. 

So many things have changed in my life over the past few years. 

The teenage years are...difficult. 
I feel very alone in this raising a teenage boy with WHS thing. There is no one really to answer my questions, and I spend most of my days feeling as though my son hates me. I know he doesn't, but this is tough. Way tougher than I thought it would be. 

So here I am. 
Tracking my journey again.
It may help others. 
It may help me.
But I feel as though there is so little support out there for parents who have teenagers with WHS...or any other disability for that matter. 
I feel compelled to write.

So, I will eventually update this blog so it looks a bit fancier and with the times again (ha!).

But this is me. Raw. Unedited. Changed.


  1. Hi there i would love to get in touch with daughter who is now 21months old...has some incredible health issues and has a 3 megabase deletion of 4p.16.3
    We are booked to see a geneticist at the RCH in July....based on my research alone and everything she has endured to date indicates WHS
    I am in Ballarat Victoria and I'm pretty sure I read that you also are and I would love to talk with you further.
    I am on Facebook as
    My email is
    And my phone number is
    Thank you so much.


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