Things I love today

  • That Braeden can do his own buttons up. Get's a bit stuck with the bottom ones, but really, he is not even 3 yet. Some kids can't master buttons until 4 or 5.
  • That Ryley gets to hang out with the older kids from next door. Jack is 14 now but still doesn't mind coming in to hang out and Ryley LOVES it.
  • That the kids behaved so well out at the Rally in the Valley. Such a lovely morning relaxing with the Kricaks enjoying the festival.
  • That the sunshine is out and here to stay for at least week!! WOOHOO!!! Oh Sunshine, I have missed you.
  • That Ryley got Student of the Week this week for being able to walk along the hydro pool (which also means he has grown taller again)!
  • That Braeden doesn't stop asking "What's that from", and he carefully listens to the explanation no matter how many times he asks the same thing!


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