Words fail me

This morning I woke to find a link on my Facebook page.
It sent me to this post here: Brickwalls It is written by another mother of a child with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome.
It makes me angry and sad that in this day and age, we still have to face professionals who view kids with disabilities as not worthy of saving.
A life is a life.
Just because a person can't walk like you, or talk like you, or even eat like you, doesn't mean that they are any less of a person.
Not giving someone life saving surgery because you don't deem them worth it just makes me sick to my stomach. How can a medical professional sit there and 'play God' and refuse a little girl the chance at a longer life?
There are other bloggers too who have written about this.
You can read their blogs here:
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(I will add to the links as I can)
Please share and support this family. Already there has been a worldwide public outcry.
You can go here to add your support: Sign the petition
Or jump on Twitter and Facebook and share. People need to be aware of this and need to speak up and say this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
Twitter is trending: #TeamAmelia  #lifeformia


  1. I to wrote about Mia on our blog http://akindofcrazy.blogspot.com our son Leo has WHS and we use CHOP. This just makes me sick. I pray Mia gets the transplant she needs when she needs it!

    1. Hi Kim. Lovely to meet you. I will add your blog to the list. I am so appalled but Mia's treatment. I really hope that they reconsider the decision after seeing the outcry from the public.

    2. Please, please, stop! The criticisms of CHOP, without knowing ANY of the details from the hospitals point of view, has got to stop. It's gotten to the point where, if Amelia does have her transplant performed at CHOP, that none of the physicians and nurses skilled at renal transplants want anything to do with the case. Sad, really....

  2. I haven't read the article yet but you can bet that I will be and I will be posting about it too.

  3. Anna, I read this yesterday and was sickened. How could society have come to the point in medicine where people decide that some lives are not worth living...Profound moral outrage and the Drs. should lose licenses to practice because they are violating their oath ... to do no harm (which means to prevent harm). Unbelievable in 2012....

    1. I read your blog post too Phil. Thanks for adding to the support that is out there! It truly is unbelievable that in 2012 this attitude still exists.


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