Summer Beach Fun

We spent Australia day with our friends down at the beach at Warrnambool. It was an absolutely awesome day. We felt more relaxed on that one day than we had felt all holidays!
Nothing beats hanging out with our friends and watching the kids play together.
So here are some snaps from the beach!

Ryley doesn't like the massive ocean in front of him.
Braeden loving the waves
Me and Ryles just sitting up on the beach watching everyone
Cold Braeden


  1. Looks wonderful! I'm so happy you all had an awesome day.

    1. Thanks Hilary, it wasn't too hot, so was just beautiful!

  2. Replies
    1. It sure was! It reminds me that we should do more stuff like it. We tend to not do much stuff because there is so much preparation (not to mention the tired vomit day afterwards). But maybe we should be doing more!

  3. Nothing beats the ocean, the waves and the seems, at least awhile, they way it should!

    1. There is definitely something about the ocean and the waves. Seems to sooth my soul a bit. I was actually relatively relaxed for once, so it must have been a good day!!


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