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I decided to start my garden overhaul today. Remember that one of my goals is to reduce my veg/fruit shopping by 50%. So I took a few photos of some of what has survived my neglect from last year.
As you can tell...not much. 
The fruit trees have done well.
And I just harvested about 10kgs of potatoes.
And really, I am just playing around with the new camera. Hopefully my photos will improve as time goes on...!

Pretty much our only corn plant

Braeden desperately wishing the apples were ready


One of our plums trees




  1. Looking forward to seeing more piccies!

    1. Hopefully they will be a bit more interesting and better quality than these ones!!

  2. Wow...the pics and the fruits and veggies are amazing. I can grow grass and periodically tend to it....must be age.

  3. YUM! YUM! YUM! I want some of all of the above! I love fresh fruits and veggies!


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