What a response!

What an unbelievable worldwide response there has been to Amelia's Story. It is heartening to read that people are outraged upon reading the story. This issue will not go away. It will be interesting to read the response of CHOP and see whether Amelia will be able to have the transplant or not.

I think part of the issue that people are having with this, is that it could happen to any of us. I have a child who may be judged as too 'mentally retarded' to be operated on too. I could have a car accident and sustain severe head injuries and have the same judgement placed on me.

No one is immune from this.

Doctors have an incredible amount of power. Too much power if you ask me.
And who gives them that power to decide about people's life?
We do.

Finally, though, a story like the Rivera families one has caused us to question doctors and their opinions.
Maybe, just maybe, they don't know everything.

Most of us who have experienced the medical model of care will attest to the fact that it is cold, clinical, and for people who are meant to save lives, the focus is not actually on the life of the person at all.
Quality of life is a term that is bandied about often.
The truth is, that it seems that only parents are the ones that are actually advocating for an improved quality of life.

I only hope that some change will come from this story. That not only will the doctor and social worker involved be stood down or severely reprimanded, but that darling Amelia will be able to have a kidney transplant. The other benefit might be the awareness about transplants and the importance of being a donor.


  1. An incredible response to a vapid unjust situation in the U.S. Blogs and comments all over the place. The hospital's FB page is taken over be disability advocates.

    No one has the right to determine quality of life and to even question whether a life is worth living, I have never see such a huge response. Hope it keeps up!


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