Photo interlude

My camera has died.
Why oh why did this happen right in the middle of holidays?
My iphone is just not going to cut it I don't think.
But I will take some pics and see if they turn out ok.

I have been trying to convince David that I need a good camera (as in a SLR type one).
Hopefully this should help my case somewhat.

We are home from holidays too. The kids have been sleeping even less than they usually do and it is starting to show in their behaviour.
So we are back home from the big smoke.
Braeden has decided he wants to live in the city though.
Mainly he wants to live at the museum with the dinosaurs.
Ryley is happy to be home and wanted to get straight back in the pool.

I will attempt to get some photos up from my iphone later.


  1. Tell David that THIS is the absolutely best time of year to get the BEST prices on the BEST SLR cameras...usually a good pitch to use. It's true also...

  2. LOL Phil. I have told him all that and he has agreed. Only problem is the money now has to go towards replacing our aircon/heater. Who knew it cost so much to have the damn things installed. There IS layby though, so watch this space!!


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