Is it just me, or is there something really kind of cool about the numbers 2012?
For starters, it is an even number.
Plus, it just seems...well...kind of relaxed.
Or perhaps my feelings on the number are just representative of my current state of mind?

First blog post for the year, and already I am dribbling crap.
It can only get better from here right?

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all managed to find a way to celebrate.
Personally, I was asleep. This is how I typically spend NYE now. Long gone are my days of partying in the centre of Melbourne or stealing policeman's hats and hiding them in my car.
I  mean...um...that is a federal offence and I would never have done that while at a  BNS (Bachelor and Spinster Ball for those unsure).
No. Not me.
Do I miss those days?
I did my time.
Plus, the added bonus is that now I wake up on the 1st of January minus the hangover.
I am convincing you right?

Seriously though, Ryley was still unwell so we had to give the celebration we were going to attend a miss. That is ok. We are used to not being able to go to stuff sometimes. It is just part and parcel of having kids, and in particular, one who is never really 100% healthy.

I think this year will be a much better one. It seems so many people had a rotten year last year and hopefully it can only get better. Or, maybe, we will be better at managing the tough times because of what we have learnt this year.
Who knows.
And really, the days do just keep ticking over regardless of what the date is. So in some ways, I am not sure why we place a big emphasis on it being a new beginning etc blah blah.
There has to be a bigger picture than that.

Meanwhile, it is really really hot here.
Ryley would like to live in the pool. Braeden would like to never put clothes on again.
Summer sure is here!


  1. I agree, this year will be a better one. I don't know why or how, but it will be better...I am confident that the universe will take care of our needs and attend to our ills. Life is good! Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Last year I said two thousand and eleven, but I like the sounds of saying twenty twelve. I agree it sounds better and has a nice ring to it.

    Oh summer...I miss it. I would happily send you some of our bitter bitter cold if you would send over some heat!


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