Dear Braeden

My darling Braeden,

I can't believe that you are 4 years old today! I realise that you want to be 5 already so you can go to school, but trust me when I say this, you really don't want to grow up too quickly. Once you start school, you are stuck there for the next 13 years. I know you will love that because you love to learn, but you are still my baby boy, and in the blink of an eye you will be an adult.

Dad and I are so so proud of you. You are growing up and becoming such a beautiful kind little man. I have loved watching as you grow and change and I love that we can sit and have a conversation about how things came into existence, or why things work the way they do. Your  memory is incredible! You seriously don't forget anything. We are so proud that you are starting to read a little, as well as starting to write letters of the alphabet. We love your drawings. In fact, as I write this, I am staring at a picture you did of our family. David and I are holding hands. And Ryley has his spikey hair. We all have big smiles on our faces.

I have always said that you are the light of our lives. And you are. From the minute you wake up in the morning you are always happy. You usually tell me that you love me first thing in the morning and you have no idea how that makes me feel. You are kind and often help Ryley with things. You include him in everything, yet you aren't afraid to get cross with him when you need to. I love that you have already learnt one of the most important lessons in life: Unconditional Love. I know that you will carry that with you through your life and change the world somehow.

I am excited for you this year as you attend Kindergarten. What a grown up boy you will be! I can't wait to see what you learn this year. I can't wait to watch you as you continue to grow and develop. You are such a beautiful soul. We are so glad you chose us.

We all love you so much Braeden. Happy 4th Birthday.

Mum and Dad xox
Opening his presents this morning
Scary eyes. But the smile says it all. LOVING the dinosaurs!

Can we go swimming now please?

I have a zillion photos on my phone of Braeden pulling faces. He loves looking at himself and captioning his expressions!


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