Away from home

Last night as I walked into the supermarket near where I used to live, I decided that I was a bit like a celebrity.

You know.

Coming back to my hometown, shades on, cooler than I was when I left.
Except, I am not a celebrity.
And no one really stopped and stared at me.
Well maybe they might have looked at me funny because I was totally amazed that in Camberwell you don't need to put money in to use a shopping trolley..
I had returned.

We are currently staying at my parents house while they are overseas. Free accomodation and access to every shop under the sun. Got to love that.
My kids are actually loving it too.
Guess that is because they are scoring some stuff too.
And the city is all like big and busy and there are so many weird things to look at.
Like strangers for example.
Braeden names everyone a stranger at the top of his voice.
Ryley tries to kick people or reach out and grab them.
One would think that my children had never experienced life in the big smoke.

We did go to the Museum today which Braeden LOVED.
Ryley, not so much. He found it very boring.

Tomorrow, we will find something equally as exciting/boring to do.

It is extremely nice to be away from home, even if we aren't exactly very far away!


  1. Very funny post.... I know how Ryley feels about kicking people....and I am glad at least Braeden enjoyed the museum.
    Thanks for looking after our house for a few days....

  2. The house at least is nice and clean and bug free now...!!


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