Seriously, I can't help but respond to this.

Long time readers will know how I feel about 'Anonymous' comments.
I have purposely allowed people to comment on my blog under anonymous, because some of my friends can't remember their google login's. I am happy for people to comment provided they at least sign their name or something.
I find it hard to respond to anonymous comments because I have no idea who I am responding to.


I have written on this blog several times now in reponse to the Amelia Rivera case. No point in linking, as if you scroll down you will see the posts.

Today, I received this comment in response to my first post on the subject:

AnonymousJan 24, 2012 04:08 PM
Please, please, stop! The criticisms of CHOP, without knowing ANY of the details from the hospitals point of view, has got to stop. It's gotten to the point where, if Amelia does have her transplant performed at CHOP, that none of the physicians and nurses skilled at renal transplants want anything to do with the case. Sad, really....

The reason I feel like I have to respond is because of this sentence:

...none of the physicians and nurses skilled at renal transplants want anything to do with the case." 

Say what?

Honestly, anonymous commenter, you are not helping CHOP out here.
And by the way, I am Australian, so my opinion (and you would probably have noticed it if you had cared to read my blog posts properly), is based on the doctor and the social worker and their response and treatment of the Rivera family. I obviously have never been to CHOP.

I am actually really concerned that you feel that the staff at CHOP don't want to help a child who is in a life threatening situation (and surely not because they have read my blog and my alleged criticism of CHOP). This to me is not good enough.
What are they afraid of?
Or is this a general attitude of staff at the hospital?
Up until now, I hadn't heard a bad thing about CHOP. Which doesn't really mean too much, since I live in another continent.

Thanks for stopping by my blog anyway. Perhaps you should read my post entitled Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome-Some facts. Then I suggest Quality of Life.


  1. Well said Anna. I always think people who hide behind anonymous are cowards. Or troublemakers. I think you should be honoured that the comments on your blog have so much influence on a global scale ;) This person is despicable in my opinion.

    1. I did have a lovely anonymous comment the other day on one of my posts actually. Sadly, that is pretty rare. Haha 'influence on a global scale'. Not likely!

  2. From what I know...good hospital. bad team decision. The good is that it unified the disability community in the US in a way which I have not seen since the passage of the American With Disabilities Act in 1990. AT the same time it brought out all the mindless people who are bigoted against the disabled and believe that some lives are not worthy of life.
    Agree with you on anonymous comments...I usually delete them unless they a name at the end of the post that I recognize. Too much stupidity is masked under the guise of anonymity.

    1. You're right Phil about the anonymous comments. And it is good to see how this case has unified people around the world. Quite proud to be part of that community right now!

  3. Hmmmm, sounds like someone - my guess is a CHOP employee - is being paid to search for all blogs who have commented on this case and put this comment in...

    Please don't let it get to you Anna, but great response.

    1. Good point Susan. I have had a number of 'hits' on my blog from the hospital itself. Imagine being paid to comment on blogs! Pity the comment didn't do anything for them!

  4. Hmmmm.... As a personal friend of the Rivera's - And a PA resident... and someone who has also commented. And someone who is in the "know" - i have not put all those pieces together in one post yet because - well... I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging. But - that commenter has NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.
    1. That commenter doesn't know the facts.
    2. That commenter doesn't represent CHOP
    3. That commenter doesn't understand our syndrome or our children's needs.
    4. That commenter needs to SHUT UP. and....I can't say more.

    pissed. And I'm not anonymous. So - anonymous commenter - come over to my blog - I'll rip you over there too. Jack Ass.

    by the way - anonymous - so you don't have to look it up - I'm Kristen @ Jack Ass

    1. Anna - love you. Sorry for cussing on your blog.

    2. LMAO Kristen! You can cuss on my blog anytime. I do it often enough myself!!


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