Ya just gotta love...

  • When you get a phone call from the school to tell you Ryley has somehow pulled his Mic-Key button out.
  • When you can't get Ketocal, and the fact that it is your child's ONLY source of nutrition doesn't really matter to anyone. Not to mention the fact that he CANNOT just go eat something. But then again, if he starts having lots of seizures, that is pretty much my problem, right?
  • When you have to change your top before you come to work because you have poo on it.
  • When you get to work with new top on and proceed to spill coffee down it.
  • When you decide to eat chocolate for lunch and then feel really sick after eating it.
  • When your toddler wants to pick his own clothes (and his brothers) and then put them on himself WITHOUT any help thankyou Mum.
  • When you really need more coffee and you are at work and can't be stuffed going to get it.


  1. Oh dear - I think the worst of those is poo on your shirt before work - that is not a good start to the day!

  2. Oh darlin! I hope one of your workmates was kind enough to go get you a coffee at the very least xx

  3. Oh crap (literally ; ) !!!
    Have you been able to source the Ketocal? -Bastards. And the PEG!!??? Shiz man.. what happens when he pulls it out? Can you put it back in or does the Hospi do it??
    I hope all has worked out.. let me know if i can help somehow.

  4. Alison- Yep definitely was the worst bit!
    Kirrily- Nope no coffee, but the computer system went down so I could go home early. Was a better option than the coffee!!
    Liv- I just put the PEG back in, so no drama really. But just another thing to add to the mix.


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