Buying a new car

Car Salesman are a wiley lot aren't they?
Yesterday, despite my most excellent skills of non-committing, we very almost agree to buying a $56000 brand new car. In fact, despite my best efforts, that car in currently 'on hold' so that I can make decision by Wednesday.
Apparently these salesman pride themselves on 'not pressuring' people to buy new cars. I beg to differ.
David had already been down and had a test drive and really wanted me to have a drive of one too (I think secretly he hoped I would be seduced enough by the bells and whistles to say: "Damnnit I want it now") And it almost worked.
This car was red, so big tick already.
It had DVD player for the kids.
It had an amazing amount of safety stuff: reversing camera and beepers, some stability thingamy bob, and airbags all round.
It had leather seats (which personally I don't actually like, but ssshh).
It had 7 seats, which were tiered and folded down (because we have 2 kids and what if one wanted to sit way up the back?).

Anyway, the list of outstanding features go on and on. It drove like a dream.
As soon as I got back from my test drive, the shmoozing (is that a word?) started.
It is amazing what those sales people say to get a sale.
David would have bought it then and there I think. He had that glazed look in his eye as he imagined driving down to the beach complete with mega boat on the back.

Me, on the other hand, refused to commit. Yeah, it's nice, but we need to talk to our bank first.
Oh, but they have great finance options that very competitive.
Uh-huh, I replied, but we have a very small mortgage and make extra payments and pay very low interest rates (under 7%), so stick your finance mate.

So we walked out saying we would be in contact tomorrow, or the next day, or never.
I must admit, I tossed and turned last night as I tried to work out our finances and see if we can buy a way-too expensive car and our beach house.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
The sea air, that is.

We can wait for a fancy shmancy car until we are mega rich.
For now, I think we can drive that troublesome Holden into the ground and continue to strive to reach our goal of buying a beach house.

(We may not be able to get to the beach house of course, but we will worry about that later!!)


  1. Wow! I know exactly what you mean, but you are very wise to resist the temptation. What sort of car? It sounds like the beach house is the preferred option for you all. (At least as long as the current car keeps going. Once it packs up you will have a dilemma on your hands!)

  2. It was a FORD Territory Ghia. Very nice car, but given we live in the bronx, probably not the best idea getting such an expensive car!!


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