Tell Me About it Thursday

So this is going to be my new weekly blog post that you can be guaranteed to get.
It will be all about the wonderful and sometimes challenging world of disability.
I will warn you: There may be venting and there may be times I am up on my soapbox. 
There may also be times when I am writing about how life just doesn't get any better.

Do you have something you might like me to write about? You can email me, or send it through the Formspring link. Or you can just comment at the bottom of this post.

My first post next week will be: "Labels, Diagnosis and what next?"


  1. Id love to hear your thoughts on 'acceptance of people with disabilitys" and of you think society really accepts people with disabilitys?

  2. Great topic Mel. I will write that one for week 2.


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