Sunshiney Sunnity Sun Sun Sun Sun

How many times can I change the word sun and make it into a nonsence word? Hmmmm (And that took me ages to write seeing as my fingers have suddenly decided not to work).

Today, quite simply, we enjoyed the sun and warmth.
Given that my car is dead still, and our current family vehicle 'da camry' is...well...let's just say old, no power steering, and...small?..we had to stay home.
We had no choice in that matter.
(Da Camry is not known for its lightening speed or endurance).

Ryley was in a bad mood all day, and Braeden barely stopped for lunch.
David started yet another new project.
I did some pruning, weeding, planting of seeds and cleaning of the house.

It is so nice to be outside.

Fingers crossed this weather stays around a bit.
Oh. And having my car all fixed, that would be bloody great.


  1. SUN SUN SUN!! It's 23, windy and rain tomorrow... huh? Bit of everything. But I hear the sun will be seen until Thursday (here's hoping) so I hope you get to spend lots of time in it :) Sorry to hear about the car and I hope Ryley is a bit happier tomorrow.

  2. We have rain at the moment, but last week was sunny and warm and LOVELY.

  3. Alison-Hope the rain clears for you!
    Kirrily-Luckily (or perhaps, unbelievably) the rain has held off here today. Only a shower this morning! Woot! Another warm day!!


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