A new direction

So I have been doing some thinking lately (not much else I could do while I was sick in bed), and have decided to trial some new things with the blog. Time to make it a bit more interesting to read.
Or at least try anyway.
So, here are some new things:
  • For November, I am going to try and post Every.Single.Day. This will be a challenge for me, but will hopefully inspire me to write again.
  • Each week, I am going write about a topic that is disability related. So, basically issues that face us. I might make that, say, on a Thursday. If you have any topics you would specifically like me to write about in the following week, just comment on that week's topic.
  • I am also going to post about our garden, because we are aiming to learn as much as we can about growing vegies, and eventually want to have the majority of our vegies coming from our garden (which may take some time, but that is our goal).
  • My other great love in life is cooking. I love creating new foods, or cooking new recipes, so some of that might make it's way into my blog as I strive to spend more time doing what I love. Plus Braeden shares my love of cooking, although, he is perhaps a little more adventurous than me?! Ryley also loves watching and touching the different textures, and David likes to eat, so whole family involvement!! 
  • And finally, I have been inspired by my friend Lauren who said she would never run a half marathon, but has!! So while that might be a bit ambitious for me right now, my aim is to be able to run 10km and complete a fun run. So you might hear a bit about that at some stage too.
So. Stay tuned for a (possibly) more interesting blog. If you are new to the blog, I will soon have my key posts in a link somewhere so you can get to know us and learn a bit more about Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome.


  1. Great idea! I've been posting all 31 days of October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and it's definitely gotten me going. Not like I'm going to post every day forever, but I feel more inspired to come up with new things. :-) I'm looking forward especially to your disability-related posts.

  2. Thanks Becca, I have been enjoying reading your posts!!


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