Snow Peas

So, back to fluff in the blog for a while. Fluff Fluff Fluff. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here is a picture of our first harvest of snow peas. It will be the only time we will ever collect so many at once because Braeden eats them before I can collect them.
Yum. Snow Peas.


  1. Yummo.. we have just started a vegie patch a month or so ago. Cant wait to start eating from it

  2. Oh yum! About to plant some seedlings of those here. We got a massive harvest last year. That is, until we got a similar little "garden bug" to you and had to beat the toddler to them! ;)

  3. LOL @ the garden bug Kirrily. We also have a giant garden bug who can sometimes be worse than the little one!!


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