I don't know how to title this post.
Life has been so busy that I have barely had time to check my emails. Blog? What's that!
These holidays have flown by and I can't believe we are back at school and work next week. Final term before our long summer break...yay!
The sun has finally decided to come out and warm us all up a bit so we are all loving that!
Ryley has continued to enjoy holiday program! Can't wait for him to go again next holidays. He actually cracked it with me yesterday because he didn't want to go home, and I battled to get him in the car!! Shows how much fun he was having.

We have had no car for two weeks which has been a joy. Then to top it all off I get the car back and drive to Melbourne for Ryley's RCH appointment and lo and behold I break down in the middle of four lanes of traffic on the way home. Um...NOT HAPPY. Had to pay a zillion dollars to rejoin RACV (because me, being the slacker I am, forgot to pay the bill). David and Braeden came to my rescue. As did my Dad. Although, Dad arrived about 1 minute before David. Now given that David had to come from Ballarat and my Dad had to come from only across the other side of the city....hmmmm....not sure that says much for the public transport system in Melbourne!

The sun's been out.
Have I mentioned that yet?

The Grand Final is on again this weekend, so this time we will have a little party. I can barely put up with watching one grand final let alone two, so this time I am not watching it without my friends around (might help pass the time).

Well. That's about it. I haven't really taken any photos. But now that the sun has been out, I might be inspired to take some again.


  1. So glad Ryley enjoyed the holiday program. We have had some sun too - it has been lovely.

    I hope your car stops costing you money!


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