Dance off

We were lucky to attend the wedding of our friend Jen and Lachlan on the weekend, and we all had a wonderful time. As soon as the band started to set up, Ryley was sitting as close as he could get patiently waiting for them to start. He started dancing as soon as the band started playing. Braeden (despite being ever-so-overtired) was doing his best to keep up!

Here are a few snapshots of the dancefloor hoggers:

Look at how red Ryley's cheeks are from the dancing!!

Yeah, What?

Waiting for the next song to start

We had SO much fun!!


  1. What WONDERFUL photos... How nice to hear you all had a nice night out x

  2. Very cute. They look like they both had lots of fun.

  3. The boys are adorable, I love all the pics. :)


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