Who Cares about Carer's?

So here is the cynical post that you all know I am going to write (given the status update over at Blogaboutabloke Facebook).

I have been sick for the past 5 days. So sick that I have had to stay in bed. In fact, I slept for the WHOLE DAY yesterday, waking only to eat and then at 3pm when I realised I had to pick Braeden up from daycare.
Ryley has been sick also. He had to stay home on Monday he was so unwell.
I am rarely so sick that I can't get out of bed. And, even as I sit here typing this, I am at work, but should be at home, in bed, because to be honest, I feel like I am going to faint.

So, who cares about the carers, really? I don't get help. When I am sick, there is basically only David to help me. He has been too busy at work to help me out. So that leaves no one. I am not going to turn this post into a poor me one. No point in drowning in self-pity. BUT. It does raise a good point. How many people out there who care for people with a disability truly have people they can call upon to help them out when they need it?
I can't see too many hands raised there.

The point is, that Carer's week really doesn't do much to recognise what Carer's actually do. For me, it is almost like giving me a smiley stamp and saying "Good Job". 
I would like more money please.
So I can PAY someone to care.
That is all.

Off my soap box. And really, should probably go home and back to bed. But, being the goddamn 'hero' I apparently am, I am going to pop a panadol and suck it up.
(I might even drink a cup of concrete and harden up).


  1. I hear you Anna. The hob of a carer is like nothing else. You are a therapist, a advocate, a doctor, a comforter etc.. but above all else you are a mum too.. I too have days where I think "Who is caring for me" Your allowed those days!! I am hoping you got some rest and are back to 110% health wise. Big hugs xxx

  2. Thanks Mel. I was waay to sick to be writing blog posts when I wrote this LOL. I was writing this more as a reaction to the lack of interest our community has in Carers. I mean, it was Carer's week and I hadn't heard of anything that was being done in our community to celebrate. That makes me MAD!
    Then some lady was quoted as saying that Carers are saving the community billions of dollars per year.
    Plus I was feeling sorry for myself because I just felt so helpless. I wish there was a service where you could pay for someone to come into your home and help out while you are sick. There are some services that do that, but it costs a fortune!
    So, in my very badly written blog post, I was trying to make a point that the government need to support Carers better.
    But you are right too. Sometimes you do need those days where you feel a bit sorry for yourself.


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