Day off

Today Ballarat declared it was a public holiday for the Ballarat Cup. So our household has had a day off. Now, I was really looking forward to this because I thought it would be fun for us to just hang out and relax together. I started the day by making pancakes for brekky and it all went downhill from there...

Ryley was bored.
Braeden spent most of the time in the strawberry patch picking all the unripe strawberries.
Ryley did his 'silly' noise for basically the whole day, which meant I had to walk away from him several times before I lost it with him. Even David who is the most patient person in the world got cross with him for his 'silly' noise.
Braeden pulled his chair EVERYWHERE so he could get into things he shouldn' knives for example.


Thank God it is back to school/daycare/work tomorrow. It sure is going to be a loooooong summer judging by todays grizzly grump behaviour.


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