Spring (with unusually warm weather) is...

Wearing a hat (although Ryley is still working on keeping it on longer):

Sometimes wearing a winter hat over your head is better though:

Playing in water is lot's of fun:

And pretending to do the dishes is EVEN more fun:

We are very lucky at the moment to have such warm weather. It isn't too hot, although after a while we need to be in the shade and reapply that sunscreen. Braeden loves wearing a hat and usually puts one on as soon as he wakes up. Ryley, on the other hand, keeps his on briefly then throws it off when we aren't looking. He does have nice olive skin so I usually just pile on lots of sunscreen and keep him in the shade as much as possible. One day I am certain he will just decide he wants to wear a hat...well I can hope anyway!!!


  1. Anna - the boys are so adorable!

    It is funny you mentioned Ryley's olive skin. Norrah has olive skin too and so many people comment on how "tan" she is and how quickly she tans in the sun.

    Ha. Not sure who she got that from.

    Enjoy your nice weather. It has been beautiful here too!


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