An award...for me?

I am very much humbled by this. I think that it is a wonderful idea, and look forward to passing on the blog love. I am very inspired by the blogs that I read and I think it is wonderful to know that the words that I write help make a difference for someone, somewhere along the line.

So, Melissa, thankyou.


  1. Congratulations Anna, I have to admit that I too love reading your blog. As a mother also of a child who has WHS, your blog inspires me, and keeps me to remain hopefull about what Ellie will eventually do and become... Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Anna,
    Just wanted to pop my head in and say Hi. I was very lucky to meet you, your husband and little boys at Elliotts birthday today. Congrats on your blogging award. Keep it up, you do a great job of reminding us all of what is good in this world! xxxx


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