THAT noise

For those that know Ryley and have been reading my blog, you will know that I have mentioned in a few posts lately about THAT noise that Ryley does.
It is this whiney, grizzly, highpitched noise that he does when he is bored, annoyed or just trying to say "Muuuuuummmmmmm why are there no cars for me to watch?" (to which I normally reply: "because Mum can't control how many cars come down the street Ryley, if I could, I would").
Today, I had enough.
He started the noise from the minute the bus left. I sat him at the front door so he could watch the cars and people in the street. He did the noise because there wasn't enough cars.
I put one of the music channels on so him and his brother could dance. He did the noise.
I gave him a drink and put Playschool on. He did the noise.

Meanwhile, I was trying to express breastmilk for Braeden to take to childcare tomorrow, and Braeden was climbing up on me trying to feed at the same time.

I shouted STOP.
I said that FIRST Mum finished her jobs. THEN we will go outside.
Braeden took notice and climbed down.
Ryley stopped the noise for all second.

I took them outside. Ryley was so excited! He raced straight down to the trampoline and got on.
He realised I was taking washing off the line so he started the noise.
Braeden tried to get up on the trampoline to play.
Ryley tried to block him.
Braeden gave up and went play on the swings.
Ryley kept the noise up for 15 minutes while I finished the jobs I had to do.

I made a decision.
No more reacting to THAT NOISE.
So I told him that I was not listening the noise anymore. I carefully explained that he was a big boy now and that he had to find another way to express himself. I told him that I knew he was tired and grumpy, and that we all were. I told him he could do what he wanted to do, but tonight, Mum was busy.


Of course then he nicked off around to the front of the house when I wasn't looking....


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