Happy Birthday Elliott

I have this 'thing' about birthday parties. I have never been very good at going to them. I find I always have to 'explain' Ryley and why he is so small.
Today was different though.
Admittedly, I was a little nervous. I mean, I knew the beautiful birthday boy and his equally special Mum (you can meet them here), but I didn't know anyone else that was going to be there. I guess I was a little bit anxious about having to explain Ryley.
What I should have known, was that anyone who already loves someone with WHS isn't going to look twice at Ryley and expect an explanation.
We met such a lovely bunch of people! So friendly, and such gorgeous kids. We had a lovely relaxing time and for the first time ever, I didn't feel like I had to explain Ryley. I didn't have to pretend to ignore the curious looks as we did a PEG feed or as we helped him do something.
I should have known.

So thanks Liv and Elliott for a great afternoon with great food and great company!!


  1. Happy Birthday Elliot. Anna, I too love those encounters where people just "get it" , makes you feel "normal" and at ease.
    Love the pic of Ryley adoring Elliot too :) Bron

  2. I'm just so so stoked you guys came and especially that you felt at ease about Ryley and my friends....and the food! I'm just so proud and in love with our WHS kids and i was so very excited to be able to introduce and show Ryley off! Your post is an awesome example of why our WHS group is so important, you may never have had that relaxed feeling if it wern't for the group...so YAY!!! I hope David felt at ease and comfortable too and that Braeden and Ryley had fun too! I think Braeden and Millie (Kristalee & Brendon's daughter) are in luuurrrrvvveee!!!

  3. Hey, it was great to meet you too Anna and your gorgeous family and yeah Millie totally loves Braedan!
    (thanks for visiting my blog too)


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